Avaware Is Expanding, Giving DeFi Community More Reason to Smile for the Future

Avaware.network started as a simple yield farm project 9 months ago on Avalanche Blockchain but has now transformed into a robust one-stop DeFi shop of products ranging from DeFi yield farms to NFTs.  Lately, Avaware has added Embr.finance into its portfolio to give investors and users more reason to stay optimistic for the future.

People love decentralized finance (DeFi). Over the last two years, DeFi has slowly penetrated the world of cryptocurrency as it seeks to revolutionize the entire financial industry. The DeFi crypto market cap currently stands at $129.75 billion, according to CoinMarketCap.com. DeFi offers new possibilities to investors. This is down to the financially challenged economic climate, which includes rising unemployment, strained central banking policies, threats of hyperinflation, and artificially restrained interest rates among others. These challenges have shaken people’s confidence in centralized financial institutions, hence the rush for new and innovative ways to preserve and generate wealth.

While DeFi has offered fertile ground for passive income hunters through yield farming and other related means of earning, it has faced a few but significant challenges. Currently, DeFi systems are mainly being slowed by the low liquidity issues and difficulty switching between platforms to get all the DeFi services as one may desire.

Avaware Provides the Solution

To navigate through the lack of enough liquidity, DeFi projects reward users who stake (lock-up) their crypto assets with the platform. Staking boosts the protocol’s liquidity pool while the liquidity provider (user) earns interests from their locked assets, a process referred to as yield farming. Yield farming is basically the process of incentivizing users who provide liquidity, lend and borrow on a platform. Users are aware of the pre-defined passive profit or annual percentage yield (APY) they expect, which depends on the tokens and pools chosen.

But Avaware offers just more than yield farming. The project, calling itself a ‘One-Stop-Shop’ for all things DeFi, has been on an expansion mission to include a variety of products into its list of DeFi portfolios. Under the umbrella primary network site, Avaware.network, users can participate by staking liquidity to earn interests. The farms are designed to ensure there is a balance between high yield and sustainability. Currently, Avaware hosts 24 active Liquidity Pools plus the single-sided $AVE pool. Additionally, they also offer your typical AUSD Stable Farms, which have become a big hit with users on the network. The current offers include AUSD/USDC EPT, AUSD/MIM JLP, and AUSD/USDC.

The Addition of Embr.finance

Avaware recently added Embr.finance into their portfolio, making it the most robust DeFi platform on Avalanche. Embr.finance is a one-stop decentralized investment platform on Avalanche that offers weighted investment pools to users. The platform eliminates the concept of paying fees to portfolio managers to rebalance your portfolio. Instead, it allows you to collect fees from traders who rebalance your portfolio by simply following arbitrage opportunities.

Embr.finance has joined the expansive list of projects that include a news site Avalanche.today and gaming platform Ave-Dice.com. Others on the pipeline include Avalanche.Online and ENEFTEA.market.

With these projects, Avaware is becoming a real force in the DeFi world, and no doubt investors are poised for more positive news in the near future.

For more info about projects on Avaware check out their website: https://avaware.network/projects

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