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PrivacySwap Envisions The Future of DeFi Space

PrivacySwap is a yield farming ecosystem built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) by a group of cybersecurity professionals. They are the first digital assets web3 wallet oracle and aggregator for all DeFi projects, combining on-chain data with traditional off-chain services. PrivacySwap.finance


PrivacySwap’s answer to the debit card system, the intended bridge from crypto-fiat for all our users. With privacy at its core, PrivacyCard is THE solution for users to spend their PRV and other tokens conveniently in real-world transactions everywhere.

Privacy Games

We can’t always be too serious – people want to use their PRV tokens for games, too!

We understand that it’s not for everyone, but we figure that it would be a nice idea to let people put their PRV down for a chance at winning some more!

Be it if you like taking your chances or if you just want to buy a little tinge of hope of a pot of PRV, we are sure that our PrivacyGames will keep you somewhat occupied!



PrivacySwap’s offering: We aim to provide our dear users with a sustainable and consistent way to earn on their assets. Our PrivacyVaults operate under the principle of Yield Optimization, which uses an auto compounding process to optimize yield. Therefore, the vaults are optimized for maximum earnings. We are also adding higher risk, higher APY vaults.

PrivacySwap promotes the early usage of cryptocurrency to help everyone interested in such investments gradually grow financially.